Hurghada Museum Mall

اسم الموقع: Hurghada Museum Mall

عنوان الموقع:

وصف الموقع: Hurghada Museum Mall is one of Overseas for Trading & Management projects in Egypt. We are located in Hurghada Museum Commercial Area. The Mall includes more than fourteen shops with brands from all the world. Our brands include Adidas, Nike, Damas, and more.. We also have sweats, acessories and souvenirs to make your shopping tour more luxury.

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إسم صاحب الموقع: Hurghada Museum Mall

الدولة: مصر

اللغة: إنجليزي

القسم: الأسرة والترفيه

الزيارات: 1587

التقييم: 5

المقيّمين: 45

تاريخ الإضافة: 29/2/2020

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